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The Gist : They describe Golden Palace as disappointing

  • qualis ★ Poor 1 out of 5

    Golden Palace review on 2015-02-25 18:38:26 #chicken #rice #sweet

    ordered take-out and left your premises at 16:16 according to the receipt. After sitting in traffic for over an hour, we were very upset when we got home and opened the bag.

    1. no plum sauce for eggrolls
    2. chicken fried rice was burnt
    3. sweet and sour chicken balls had the sauce on the side - that was the order of the gentleman's that came in after me.

    I took a picture of no 2 and 3 item listed above.

    Very disappointing indeed.

    Review of Golden Palace by qualis on 2015-02-25 18:38:26
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